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"Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Hello! My name is Anamaria, and my passion for Japan, as well as for difficult and challenging languages has motivated me to get to my third year of studying Japanese and English at the Faculty of Letters.

Apart from these two languages, I also speak Spanish and I am learning German and Swedish. I think that learning foreign languages is what brings you the closest to understanding other cultures and mentalities, and it ultimately broadens your horizons when it comes to knowledge. I am an extremely curious and ambitious person, I want to travel and experience all the beautiful places that I have only seen in books or pictures, to practice the languages that I have learned and the theoretical knowledge that I have gained about different cultures.

I am passionate about literature, but also about martial arts and calligraphy. I am an open and friendly person, I want to make friends and for us to exchange knowledge and to improve ourselves while learning from one another.

Ida Szabo

Ida Szabo

Bună! Mă numesc Ida, am 19 ani, studiez chineza și japoneza în cadrul Facultății de Litere a Universitatii Babes Bolyai și sunt pasionată de Japonia. Am început ca toți ceilalți, cu “desene animate”, dar pe parcurs s-a transformat în ceva mai mult decât un hobby; am vrut să învăț și să studiez din profunzime această limbă și cultură. În timpul liber îmi place să vizionez filme, să citesc (cărți, manga, articole legate de psihologie și dezvoltare personală, etc.), să ies cu prietenii și să fac voluntariat. Mă consider o persoană prietenoasă, cu spirit de echipă, perseverentă, curioasă, open-minded și dornică să realizeze cât mai multe în viață. Motto-ul preferat: Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

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Masaki  Unohara

Masaki Unohara

My name is Masaki. I’m from Japan. At Convoclub, I’m helping to run Japanese Convoclub. I came here in Cluj as an exchange student in the faculty of political science of UBB.

This study abroad might be by a few coincidences, and they certainly worked very well. Actually, Japanese people don’t know well about Romania. They may not know even where Romania is on the world map. However, I will say with confidence that Romania is really nice place. I didn’t know that there are a lot of delicious foods like Romanian wine. (I was really surprised at such tasty wine with reasonable price.) I didn’t know that Romania is rich in natural beauty and historical sites, appears to be easy circumstance, but contains large energy for future development in it. I have only a few months for staying, and I’m not a specialist for teaching Japanese. However, if my activity in Convoclub helps your learning Japanese, it is my pleasure. I’m looking forward to being a friend with you!